body coach for teens
bodiac is a body coach for teens in social media era. It predicts body transformation journey — from 1st pubic hair to peak of sexual desire and helps to navigate through puberty. all in pursue of boosting teen's body acceptance level.
One-for-all app for teens, their families and schools
Predicts body transformation milestones: from 1st pubic hair to peak of sexual desire
Keeps up teen's BAS (body acceptance score) uniquely developed by bodiac
Educates by fun of developing teen's in-app avatar and earning bodiacs to exchange them for discounts
Supported by profi's
Body image exercises curated by health coaches, pediatricians and psychologists
Leads by example
Provides transformation stories from small influencers who have same body type
Partnerships with brands tailored for the young consumer's drive for change in the hygiene industry

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